New Album Released!

2013-01-12 16:09:25 by Indigoflare

I have finally published theIlluminations album. I will upload most of the tracks on to Newgrounds; bonus tracks will not be uploaded. If you would like to listen to all songs, please check out my Club Create profile. (username: Epickk)
Here's the track listing for Illuminations:

1. Keep Still
2. Tight Fist
3. Emerge
4. Back Before 2
5. Adrift
6. Dark of My Night
7. Exit Sign
8. Good Night
9. Relentless
10. Energy
11. Discolored
12. Glide
13. Breathing
14. Culmination (Defy Morals)
15. Candlestick
16. Rushlight
17. Lanterns
18. Pyrotechnics
19. Lasers
20. Streetlamps
21. Asfa
22. Icicles
23. Manhunt
24. Ashes

Bonus Tracks:

1. Soar
2. Take the Field (Minimal)

I hope you all enjoy! I spent a lot of time on this album and put a ton of effort in to finalize all the songs to be just right. :)

Thanks again,


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