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Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and we're looking forward to the new year ahead in this bumpy road we like to call life. Over this past year, I did not produce many tracks, but I did release the Illuminations album that had tons of great tunes on it. If you haven't heard it yet, I uploaded a lot of the songs (the best ones, imo) here on Newgrounds.

If you are wondering why there has been such a lack of development of new tracks from me, I can most certainly explain. 2013 was an ordeal for me, constantly busy and bustling around. I didn't have much time on my filthy hands to produce any new music. As my fans may know, I like to publish a lot of new content around the holidays like this because I'm off from that prison we call school and at home with nothing to do.

However, the online studio I use to produce my music was sued and closed earlier this month. (ClubCreate) If you appreciate my music, you know that for a free online site, ClubCreate was fairly high quality compared to other and lesser studios. This created (ha, puns) a problem for me for there is no other studio I am familiar with using. Many other ClubCreate users complained against Mark Anthony suing and closing the company because of such high quality a free online studio had to offer. There are great producers out there on ClubCreate that simply cannot afford a real studio and would not like to risk damaging their precious computers by downloading other production studios, which can even be possibly illegal in some cases.

I completely agree with these fellow users; I am crushed that my beloved ClubCreate was shut down, and I think it was wrong to take such a great, free opportunity from music-lovers like me who dream of becoming producers. I'm deeply sorry to all my fans. I'm afraid I will be on a haitus until I find another studio or if by some miracle ClubCreate is reopened. I have been on a futile search, scrounging through countless web searches in find of another free online studio, but none come to the comfortability level and ease I experienced on ClubCreate.

In conclusion, these past two years of my music production have been marvelous and truly amazing, and I thank all my listeners to the highest extent that I could possibly thank. I will be going on a possibly-forever haitus, and I hate to have myself and my listeners experience this, but there is no other option.

This is Epickk/Indigoflare signing off for what may be the final time.

Thank you  <3

Check out some of my best tracks (in memory of my wonderful music careeeeer):

Thanks again for listening to my music! I have a lot more tracks than those listed above, but sadly they aren't on Newgrounds. Enjoy! :)

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